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Annual Roof InspectionWhy would Old Fashion Roofing offer Annual Inspections of your roof and gutters? Because we believe in old-fashioned customer service, providing value, and having our customers RAVE about us to their friends and neighbors. What does an inspector look for?

Common causes of a roof leaks:

  • Nail Pops: Small holes where nails have popped through the shingle can cause leakage
  • Cracked Shingles
  • Spots On Your Interior Ceiling: May indicate that the roof is leaking and in need of roof repair.
  • Black Or Green Streaks: Algae can discolor your roof and make it look ugly.
  • Age Of Roof: Depending on the quality, most shingles last 10-25 years. If your home is the same age as others in the neighborhood that are getting new roof replacement work it may be time to replace yours too.


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